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Snowboarding was initially developed in the USA in the 1960s as a hybrid between skiing and skateboarding.  Since then, it has continued to grow in popularity and was officially recognised as a Winter Olympic sport in 1998.  Although there are definitely similar requirements for skiers and snowboarders, many ski slopes are either not open to snowboarders or are simply unsuitable for the needs of snowboarders.

Snowboard Buying Guide

Nothing offers thrills and excitement like riding down the slopes on a snowboard, and the first time you experience it you will understand why it is such a popular and well-loved activity. But you must always choose the right snowboard for your physicality, riding preference and level of ability, otherwise the experience will be greatly diminished or you will

Scenic Ski Resorts

When you are planning a skiing trip, it is not surprising that most of your attention is focused on the nature of the slopes and the quality of the après-ski.  However, when you are standing on the top of that mountain, or relaxing in that ski lodge, wouldn’t it just be the icing on the cake if you could also take in some spectacular scenery?  Many ski resorts

Top 5 Resorts for Apres Ski

Après-ski is the ultimate after dinner mint to a hard day of tracking the powder and an even more festive event if it is the very last day of your ski trip. After all it’s the after party that wraps up a good skiing trip – and almost as important as the destination itself. So where to go for the best shindig in the snow? As we all know, not all resorts are

budget ski holidays

So that long coveted winter wonderland ski resort holiday is on the cards, but you have a small to massive problem – you are on a budget. And let’s be fair, skiing holidays around the world are hardly known for their low budget or cheap price tag – however, getting excellent value for money is not a fantasy. And before you close the door on your dream holiday tour tracking through the powder on some of the world’s most famous runs, check out some of the best package deals that you and your travelling companions can enjoy.

Best Ski Resorts for Advanced Skiers

So you have done your time as a newbie on the slopes, fallen over way too many times, wobbled and tumbled more than your fair share and have finally honed your skiing skills down to perfection. So where are the places to go to show off those skills and experience the rush of the most challenging slopes? There are a number of ski

family ski holidays

Whether you are keen skiers who want to introduce your children to the joys of life on the piste, or are beginners who want to take up a family hobby, it is essential that you find a resort that caters for all ages and abilities.  When it comes to a thrill-seeking activity like skiing, it can be difficult finding that balance between the slopes that pack an adrenalin punch for the experienced and the child-friendly runs for the little ones.  Too much of one may leave you worrying about your children’s safety and too much of the other leaves you bored.  However, some resorts do manage to keep both camps happy.  Here is the pick of the best:

skiing for beginners

Not all ski resorts are ideal for first time ski enthusiasts, and tracking down the best place to go without the right information can feel like an overwhelming task. But it is not impossible; your first ski holiday most certainly won’t be your last, and your first time hitting the slopes will provide you with some of the best memories and some

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best snowboard resorts
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Snowboarding was initially developed in the USA in the 1960s as a hybrid between skiing and skateboarding.  Since then, it has continued to grow...